For some, yes it works out well and they get outrageously wealthy. For the rest it can be a “look over your shoulder wondering what’s next” kinda vibe, which then leads to wondering who’s next to leave and I’ll tell you what…

All of that sucks. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Well almost anyone. ;^) I thought I’d eventually get into mergers and acquisitions after I graduated but am thankful I wasn’t “smart enough” and ended up in product design instead. 

Anyway, why are to at your current company? Perks, equity, culture, compensation, leadership, opportunity, reward structures, opportunity to pursue a passion and relationships come to mind as possibilities but they can’t all be true. Can they? Big or small every organization has behavioral norms and those tend to infect (for better or worse) everyone in the company whether they realize it or not and only gets complexified when motivations and cultures collide in acquisitions. 

If you were part of an acquisition, did you stay? What kept you? Beyond acceptance, what advice would you give to the rest of us on how to deal with the surprise, confusion, anger, frustration and pseudo-optimism that come along with the process?

I’m a time where almost everyone I know is reflecting on their career I’m left wondering what about the critical things that lead to happy employees and how  that applies to me.