Holy crap. This constant struggle to set down my ego and personal sense of self is full of opportunities to react poorly and make this about me. Turns out that doesn’t help the matter when a freshly minted 2 yr old kicks you in the junk or,  out of a dead calm while laying down for a nap, pops up and open hand smacks you in whatever eye is still open as you are recruiting  every last ounce of consciousness to not fall asleep before he does. Little fucker. But wait this isn’t about me, yet again. He needs to sleep or the evening is going to be a special kind of hell. So I need to not react and not be a jerk because at this age they just feed off your emotions, regardless of context. 

So here I am, trying to stay true to this “write every day and you’ll become a better designer” experiment/challenge/myth I somehow convinced myself to embark on and I’m talking to you about parenting. Sweet. 

So, what’s the point? Seem to me that it’s another reflection point on the truth that flow is always achievable so long as you’re willing to reflect, adjust, take some lumps and chart a new direction. Before you know it you’re in flow but in a way different than you’d imagined or planned. Now, that’s fucking cool and 100% pretty much sums up what I love about this game of life. 

Hopefully I have something more interesting than trivial survival strategies to share tomorrow. In the meantime, take a deep breath next time you start to get irritated.