By now we’ve all heard these words or uttered them ourselves, “why the hell didn’t they (Apple) build copy/paste into this damn thing!?” In an effort to improve on my idea + sketch + prototype process I threw together this little movie walking through a potential copy/paste solution for the iPhone OS.

Arguably and obviously there are many ways you could employ to trigger the copy/paste interaction. I chose the “3 finger tap” for this example. “Pressing” the screen for a set duration is another viable option that would trigger the copy/paste feature that came to mind, but I liked the “3 finger tap”. I’m sure there are tons of viable ways to launch the interaction and I’ve already had some questions about the ease of executing a “3 finger tap” as I put this together but the goal for me isn’t to be right, it’s to have the conversation. So here ya go! What’s your solution?

The movie

The initial sketch

iphone copy/paste sketch