Under the banner of token moves to re-connect with customers, last week Starbucks launched a website (My Starbucks Idea dot com) to encourage fanatics to lobby for new directions that the coffee mogul should consider in an effort to convey topics ranging from product based ideas to social responsibility. The site design is pretty slick (of course) and generally usable. I signed up to give it a spin with particular interest in the interaction of discussion threads and to vote for the Joe that wants to see Starbucks to serve 100% fair trade product (can’t argue with that idea). I would like to see some top level thoughts from Starbucks for each catrgory, rather than just a silo for Social Responsibility. I’d like to know what that means to them as a company and thoughts they’ve put into it, for example.


Good effort on their part. I think we can all agree that they’re an easy target and it’s only a matter of time until gets polluted with bitching and ranting like every other general public community site but they’ve had some incredible traffic in just about a week of going live. It’ll be interesting to see how the moderation unfolds, if any at all.